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Welcome to Alex's Page!

Hello. My name is Alex. I am the second klutziest person to go on any of Pamís boats (the klutziest person to ever go on any of Pamís boats is my mom). My mom is named Tami. She is the biggest klutz I have ever met (probably in the world too).

(This is a picture of me and my best friend Taylor on our boat SKYE)

Once on White Swan, I was flying kites while motoring along. The kite was a stunt kite, so it was a bit hard to control. It was flying fine at first, but then it suddenly dropped into the water. Then I started to yell that the kite fell in the water. Pam turned the boat around and we had a kite overboard drill. This took a while because the kite had nothing that could be hooked. We tried to fly the kite again, and had another kite overboard drill. Then Pam made us put the kites away.

Once on the Spirit of Freedom, Will was sleeping on the top bunk and fell. He reached for the door to prevent him from falling, but the door just opened up and he fell through. Another time, from the beach of Stretch Point, Will and I started yelling across Case Inlet to Cliff. Cliff could hear us! A while before that, Pam taught Will and me how to steer a dingy. This is all I have to say about my funny experiences of sailing with Pam.
                                                                            This is our first boat  Cimmeron.