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Anthem...Aaron & Julie
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Julie (Winter 2006):  My sailing days began when Aaron and I started dating in June 2000.  Although I was raised in this area, boating was something I had never done. After sailing just a few times with Pam on White Swan, Aaron and I started sailing on Quicksilver, a J/24 that Pam had purchased for the family to race.  Well, no one raced her, so Aaron and I turned her into a cruising boat (sort of).  Day sailing was great, but due to the fact that there wasnít enough room to stand upright down below and no head, she wasnít comfortable for vacations. 
So, after a couple of years, we started to look for something bigger. Of course, Aaron was smart in starting me out on this boat, because now my expectations were minimal.  All I required was room to stand and a head. We thought a Catalina 27 would be nice, but then learned that Jeremy, who owned Storm Runner (a Catalina 30), was looking to upgrade to something bigger.  We ended up buying that boat and changing the name to Anthem.  If youíre wondering where we found that name, read Ayn Randís Anthem.
    During the last three years, we have dramatically changed this boat.  Upgrades include new canvas, upholstery, roller furling, full batten main, an asymmetrical spinnaker, larger bowsprit with anchor roller, all new Garhauer running rigging with everything lead back to the cockpit, new countertops, sinks, nav station and upgraded electrical system.  Larger batteries, engine work, and all sorts of little things have made this boat much more comfortable for cruising around the Puget Sound. 
Of course now that we have done so much work and have only a few upgrades left - we are thinking about going bigger (funny how that works).  Although we love our boat, one of the biggest annoyances is not being able to shower in the head.  Cockpit showers are fine if itís warm outside, but that isnít always the case.  So, we are thinking about a Catalina 34.  Itís big enough to be comfortable but not too big to handle with ease.  Of course, that means a bigger slip and more money for the bigger boat, so hopefully within a couple of years, we will be able to make this change.
    Rumor has it some FYC member may be looking to downsize, so maybe Anthem can stay in the family.  Until then, we will continue to cruise close to home, the San Juanís and the Gulf Islands as often as we can! 


A little bottom paint goes a long way!

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