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Auxiliary Members (Just Click on each boat name to get to member's pages and photo galleries)

We welcome auxiliary members to our little yacht club. The FYC burgee has flown on the Cape George cutter White Swan owned by Dianna & Bob who sailed her to the land of Oz before selling her; the Gozzard Windlass owned by James & Julia; the Daily Planet owned by Wes & Ann; the Catalina 30 Narrow Path owned by Rich; the Tayana 37 Kalliope owned by Andy and Cathy, and the True North, Halcyon  owned by Doug & Nancy. Be sure to read about Doug & Nancy's adventure, "Falling Domino's" reprinted from Cruising World. Jump to Doug & Nancy's adventure FYC is "officially" an international club, thanks to two of the newest members, Tony & Ginette who when they joined had Shearwave, a beautiful Niagara 35, and now have a sister-ship to Spirit of Freedom, Twowowie a Sceptre 41.

Here is auxiliary member Tami (previously of SKYE) learning to sail SQUARES on Spirit of Freedom, summer of 2003 in Case Inlet, South Puget Sound. She single-handed for two days...wouldn't let Pamela touch a thing. Boat-hog that she is! :>) Now that Tami sold SKYE and is boatless in Puget Sound, we aren't too sure where she flies her burgee...but she is still able crew on Spirit of Freedom!