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Dunrushn...Glenn & Lorraine
34' CHB Trawler, 1976                                                            Jump to Dunrushn's Logbook

Lorraine: It all began for me when my boyfriend Glenn and his Uncle Freddy took me and Marj Knapp from Vashon Island to Southworth beach for an afternoon. It was on a 12 foot Catboat with an auxiliary 1 hp outboard. It rained and blew and was dark when we came back to Glenn's home at Cedarhurst on Vashon Island. I didn't get in that boat again.

After we married I got in his next boat, which was a 17 foot National One Design. We kept it at Lake Washington in dry moorage. Pam, Craig and  Dad would go off together and spend the afternoon sailing (I usually stayed home). Sometimes just Pam was with her Dad.... Glenn had a life jacket on Pam and a rope tied around her waist so if she went off he could get her onboard quickly. During lulls he would nap, and she would be running all over the boat having a ball while Glenn slept; much to the consternation of other boaters who frequently roared over to see what that kid was doing out there all alone. Evidently Glenn was slumped too far down to be seen. Later we moved the boat to Commencement Bay (Tacoma) among the log booms. When we moved to Steel Lake in Federal Way in 1959, the  boat moved there with us. She had way too much sail for the lake so eventually we got an OK Dinghy...lots of fun for all of us. (That OK Dinghy is now being sailed by Trish's brother!)

THEN we bought the sweetest 21 foot cruiser, a 1978 217 Reinell. We put over 1800 hours on it and did the Gulf Islands, Hole in the Wall, Stewart Island, Desolation Sound, Comox, anywhere and every where...from February to November. Grandson BJ was three years old and brother Jeremy was an infant. The only time Jeremy would sleep peacefully (and Pam too!) was on that little gem. That was the Sonnyglenn.

I like to take pictures and add them to our logs. Got some great ones. One I DIDN'T take was the first time Glenn hauled the Sunnyglenn on the trailer from our yard into the neighbors to use their driveway...and Glenn put the trailer on the rockery! I went into the house. Pam and BJ watched, but not I.

We bought the RainyDaze in May of 1984. A 24 foot Saratoga (Bayliner), another gem. It took us all over from Olympia to Coronado Island (Alert Bay) and all the long reaches on BC's mainland. Wonderful adventures there. We have pictures of all our travels in logs. We sold it in 1992 with over 1800 hours that we put on it.

We gave up boating when I had to have a hip transplant; then resumed in 1996 in Dunrushn, slow and comfy for old folks. We don't go as far now for our adventures due to age and health; but we have a good time in her. She is roomy and comfortable and we usually keep up with the Family Yacht Club boats; and we enjoy all of the young people. We look forward to lots more hours on the water.

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