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OOPS!!!! Did that REALLY Happen???

We can thank auxiliary member Rich, of Narrow Path for giving us the idea for this section......

The Dealer TOLD me to rinse it after every use!!

I sailed up to see my buddy BJ and was going to anchor out for the night, but we decided to do some boat work first. BJ hauled me up the stick to replace my rigging, then we took off his last teak hand rail and epoxied the holes, then I dove and replace the zincs on both boats. After all that I cooked dinner for 7 of us so I decided not to anchor out for the night because I was beat! My Dink was tied fore and aft to the dock and then it started to blow around 12 pm. The sustained winds were blowing 50 knots gusting higher. Needless to say, my dink flipped at around 3 in the morning. I came out to see my Yamaha looking like a pickle under my dink under the clear saltwater! I left it til morning and then borrowed a trash can and filled it with fresh water and let it soak all day. We took it up to BJ's house, removed the plugs and blew out all the water. We then sprayed oil into the tops of the cylinders and blew it out. After all that, we put the plugs back in and fired it up. We ran it for about an hour and a half. The next day I ran it for a couple of hours and the same the next day. She works great! I love 2 stroke Yamaha's! So there you go!!
(PS- thanks again BJ and Paul for all your help!!!) ---Rich/Narrow Path


And another one from Rich...only this time it wasn't HIS oops!

Thought you would love this picture! I am anchored out in Liberty Bay and was heading out to my boat in my Zodiac when these guys waved me over. Wasn't sure if they thought I was doing something wrong and wanted to talk to me, then I noticed it said San Francisco Fire Department on the hull so my curiosity was peaked. I zipped over only to find out they were tied to the Wood poles and OUT OF GAS!!! One of there comments was, "I know the gauges work because it says we are out of fuel...and we are! I went ahead and "tugged" them over to the fuel dock, but couldn't help having a man on the dock snap a few pic's on my camera that I just happened to have with me!!! What a scream!
-------Fair winds to you and check your fuel levels!!! HA! HA! HA! Rich





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