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Spirit of Freedom...Pamela and Cliff
1986 Sceptre 41
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Pamela: Wow...where to start? We bought Spirit of Freedom in September 2002 signing the closing papers on my birthday, great present huh? I had been sailing White Swan II ; having purchased her from BJ when I decided my Catalina 25...First Step... was too small and tender for the sailing and gunkholing I wanted to do now that I had the time and wherewithal!

Cliff was hesitant at first and not too eager to start sailing. He had sailed and gunkholed with BJ and Tricia on Free and Clear on two different occasions, in 1997 and 1998,  enjoying it, but deciding that it wasn't really what he wanted to do. So I took off on my own with girlfriends and spent a couple of summers sailing in the San Juan Islands and Gulf Islands in British Columbia, coming back home for a two or three days via Kenmore Air or ferry once a month. There were also lots of day sails and weekend mini-cruises during the Fall, Winter and Spring with my crew; in between I flew to warmer climes to sail with friends and did a charter or two.  

Cliff and Aaron joined me for a week in the summer of 2000 in the San Juan Islands. Then Cliff was onboard for two weeks in the summer of 2001 and another two early in the summer of 2002 in the San Juan and Gulf Islands with another two weeks in September of 2002 in South Puget Sound. He was starting to enjoy himself, but said if he was going to be sailing more he needed a bigger, more comfortable boat...especially one with a bigger head! I had been looking at other boats, not really seriously, for about a year and when BJ suggested I look at the Sceptre sailboats in August of 2002, I did.

Spirit arrived from Ketchikan on a Friday, the following day Cliff, BJ, Trish and I trooped over to Seattle to look at her. I liked her a lot, as did Cliff (the head is really comfortable!), and made an offer on the spot. On the drive home we were all thinking of a name for her...and Cliff came up with it, by adding "of Freedom"!

Cliff and I left for a final two week cruise on White Swan II, into South Puget Sound. The picture at the top of the page was taken by me, from White Swan, off of the NW end of Blake Island. BJ, Trish, Mom (Lorraine), Bob and Dianne were delivering her to her new home in Port Orchard for me. It was a happy/sad moment. I was sailing my beloved White Swan (I am still in love with her)  and seeing my beautiful new boat overtaking us.

That evening I moved off of White Swan and onto Spirit of Freedom with the help of Mom and Dad. The following weekend Jeremy moved off of Storm Runner (now Anthem) and onto White Swan. Aaron and Julie moved their gear from my J/24, Quicksilver, and took possession of Storm Runner. It is nice having a Family Yacht Club when it comes time to sell your boat...there is always somebody waiting to buy it!

Even though I still love White Swan II and miss her in many this point in my life I wouldn't trade Spirit of Freedom for any other boat!

Cliff and Pamela's Photos
White Swan II's Gunkhole Adventures 2000 and 2001 and 2002

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