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White Swan II...Jeremy and Monica
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Jeremy: If anyone had said to me three years ago "what would you think about living on a boat?" I would have to tell them that they are crazy.

July 3 2000 dressed in me khakis and button-up I climbed on a seaplane headed for Friday Harbor. My arm had been twisted and I reluctantly agreed to meet Mom on White Swan with her crew of Cliff, Aaron and Julie, and BJ and Trish on Nelle Bly, along with Grandma and Granddad and Uncle Fred on Dunrushn for the holiday.

I had no idea what to expect. However I can say that that weekend changed my life forever. The smell of the sea air, the gentle rocking of the boats. And above all, the relaxed nature of everyone at the docks. That weekend made me rethink my entire opinion of boaters. Maybe they arenít as crazy as I thought.

Very soon after my weekend in paradise I decided that MAYBE there was something to the whole boating lifestyle. The very next winter I found myself shoveling snow off of my new home, a Catalina 30 named Storm Runner. She had no heat, a leaky water tank, a stove that didnít work, and rigging that was so bad it couldnít hold a breeze. And I was happy.

After many repairs and several weeks in Port Townsend, she was ready to sail. Only one problem, I didnít know howÖ

So I motored.

And motored.

And motored.

Thanks to much help and many patient hours from BJ and Mom I eventually built up the courage and know-how to raise the sails. It took many more weeks before I figured out how to make poor Storm Runner go in the right direction, but eventually I kinda got it. Sort ofÖ

Many mistakes later I find myself the proud owner of White Swan II and the happy husband of Monica. We are a long way from having a clue what we are doing. Or knowing where we are headed, but we are having fun figuring it out. Not every weekend is a vacation in paradise but every day does bring joyÖ

[Note from Mom: The entire family was amazed at Jeremy's decision...after all he was the only family member who had never enjoyed boating. He did as a young teenager sail the OK Dinghy on the lake and row the boats at Gramma and Grandad's...but that was about it.]

My name is Monica, Iím a Romanian girl, and all my family is still in Romania. I have been here three years. After I got married to Jeremy, I became a sailor. I had never lived on a boat before; when I moved onto White Swan I was afraid that I couldnít do it. But now,  Iím looking back and I realize that I really love living on the boat, and itís a lot of space , itís not small like it was before. I think itís a very romantic place to live in. About my sailingÖÖ Iím still working on it!

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