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Will's Page

I first went boating with my Grandma and Granddad. All the people Iíve gone with are my grandparents, aunt and uncle, cruise ships, my brother, my other uncle, my friend and his parents, and my cousins. Iíve gone sailing, power boating, jet skiing, and old fashioned swimming. My favorite person to go sailing with is my Aunt Pam and Uncle Cliff. They invite me to go with them all the time; we even might go to Alaska. They also supply me with a heck of a load of fun work to do; for example I was on the bow watching my aunt and her friend Tami get a mooring buoy at Eagle Island. We did a quick check of current, swung back around, and came back; the current was so fast it pulled the boat to a 90-degree turn, pulling us to shore. Then, Tami franticly tried to pull in the lines but it almost took her finger off, she dropped it and the nylon line bent and cracked the stanchion. Well as you can see I have a lot of fun with them!

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Early Lessons

Big Brother Steven giving Will a rowing lesson in 1996 in Gramma and Granddaddy's dink.

Will the Rower

2000, Will rowing across Fulicy Bay, Longbranch in Gramma and Granddaddy's dink